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What Every Produce Industry Consultant and Supervisor Needs to Know

From the moment you decide to enter the world of produce, you are being evaluated by someone. The boss, client, company, and the customer all have a stake in your performance. What is that individual’s opinion of you? Perhaps you are one of the brazen souls who believes it does not matter what others think

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My Journey to Fresh

This week, I spent three days in Philly, assisting a supermarket chain facing operational challenges. Later in the week, I was piloting a set of new produce items for a different retailer and the manufacturing vendor at a chain in New York. So, how did I get here? At 14, I decided to grow a

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Fear of the Unknown (Shrink, that is.)

“What happened to my product?” asked the new produce manager reviewing his month end gross profit report. When shrink performance is abnormal, unknown shrink has likely played a large part. Unfortunately, managers are frequently ill-equipped to understand these losses much less, react appropriately to minimize future issues. Here are three common causes and some helpful

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The Importance of Managing Brand Equity and Company Reputation Well

There is no denying the value of a good brand and corporate reputation. When we think back on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20th 2010, it took an agonizing 87 days for the leaking well to be capped. By then over 200 million gallons of oil had escaped into

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Employee Development is an Investment in Success

In today’s economy, companies are cutting costs and employee training/development programs are some of the first expenses to get cut. That is a BIG mistake! Any enterprise plan should include well defined development programs for employees. After defining a strategic direction and delineating an organizational structure that will help achieve your goals, it is imperative

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Mowing Over the Weeds

It’s been an unusually busy spring at our house. The combination of family and business responsibilities necessitated that some things get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Taking up the very last spot on that list is the yard – and it looks like it. There are bare spots, several varieties of weeds

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Fresh Produce Retailing Lessons Discovered in Medieval Universities

Progressive grocery retailers require well-trained fresh produce managers capable of executing logical and compelling merchandising, which translates to profits. Unfortunately, many companies are limited by management skill sets or informational gaps within the organization, which prevent good business decisions. Retailers lacking excellent produce managers or successful professional development programs may discover three helpful secrets in

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Even Companies That are Doing Well are Feeling the Pinch

Posted in General, Management by Ron Pelger

If you were to ask company presidents what they were planning to do with all the tough business changes that are developing today, what would they say? Most likely, their response would begin with budget cutbacks. Undoubtedly, very few would say they were going all out after business at any expense. As a matter of

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Is Your Business Model Encouraging Innovation?

Posted in General, Innovation by Tim Vaux

My partners and I often encounter clients who need guidance on how to develop innovative product offerings. Sometimes it is difficult to change the way people have acted over their entire careers. Old business models are based on growth through customer retention. New models are based on a change to an innovative culture model. So

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The Power of a Good Story

Posted in General by Andrew Southwood

Today we live in a world where we are bombarded with information on a scale unimaginable five years ago. With the advent of smart phones, we are inundated with e-mails, have a constant flow of text messages to answer, electronic newsletters to read, video clips we want to see and social web sites we participate

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