Meet the Xperts

FreshXperts is a consortium of fresh industry consultants. We bring almost 200 years of produce industry expertise to our clients. Our specialties encompass both internal and customer-facing disciplines. Our clients include grower-shippers, distributors and grocers.

The FreshXperts come from a variety of different backgrounds and places around the world, including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Managing Partners

  • Anthony J. TottaMarketing Strategy, Branding, Strategy, Business Development
  • Tim VauxNew Venture & Product Launch
  • John ShelfordOrganization Governance, General Management, Berry Expert
  • Ron PelgerRetail Merchandising, Retail Operations, Shrink Recovery and Control
  • Mike ChirvenoSocial Media, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence

Associate Members

  • Heidi ChapnickInternet/ Ecommerce, Omnichannel Sales and Marketing, Retail/Etail
  • George SeifertQuality Assurance, Produce Ripening, Produce Inspection Training
  • Don Harris – Buying Strategies and Training, Organic Operations, Category Development
  • Dean Fahselt - Product Development, Value Added
  • Andrew SouthwoodGrowth Strategies, Sustainability/CSR, International Business
  • Jonathan RadunsFood Display, Presentation, Merchandising, Fresh Produce Display, Design

Laura GrahamAdministrative Assistant

The FreshXperts

Jonathan Raduns

Jonathan Raduns


Andrew Southwood


Don Harris

Dean Fahselt

Dean Fahselt


George Seifert


Heidi Chapnick


Ron Pelger

John Shelford

John Shelford


Anthony J. Totta


Tim Vaux


Mike Chirveno


Laura Graham